Democracy for All and Not for the Few


With the current state of world affairs today, time will only tell when World War III happens. Facts are staring in our faces; there are ongoing wars all over the world. Civil wars are being ignored by the majority, hidden by politicians, and masked by the powerful entities that fund the world. What we do not know is that we are on the verge of political and economic collapse. The United States of America have been a strong voice for democracy and against war for the past century but those instances do not seem to trickle to the realities now.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz expresses his concern that the US might not be the voice it needs to be to the whole world. It has to be outspoken with regards to what is happening to Venezuela and Ukraine, as US is still seen as a leader of democracy and freedom. Being at war with other countries is not the same as supporting allies, the US does not have to send military personnel or war tanks. Senator Cruz said that it might be good to approve the exportation of liquid natural gas from US companies to lessen Ukraine’s dependence to Russia and for Russia to stop using this as an economic blackmail. Not only will it be a help to Ukraine but also produce jobs and improve the economic well-being for the citizens of the US.

Fighting for freedom today is not like the concept before, there are different ways in order to eliminate this senseless killings and fighting that do not benefit the greater population. Freedom means that a person have the capacity to be and capacity to do, they have the opportunity to access the services, the right to speak their mind, the right to enjoy things like accessing internet. This may seem weird as everyone can access the internet but not all countries have that privilege. Venezuela, Mexico, Turkey, Myanmar, and North Korea are some of the examples of people who have no or limited access to internet thus becomes isolated and out of reach from the whole world. They cannot do simple things like access a site to look for imagine dragons tickets, 9gag, or even Facebook.

True, the US needs to step up and be the voice of democracy for the whole world, because if no one will do that then who will?

Obama Wants Equal Pay for Both Genders; How About LGBTs?


President Obama decided to make things up with women by signing two executive actions intended to close the wage gap between men and women. These measures will ensure that men and women have equal footing on pay rate regardless of race and gender.

Women are happy. But what about LGBTs? Heather Cronk, the director of LGBT activist group GetEqual, says these measures are no good for the other genders. Lesbians, for example, experience discrimination in the work place such as getting fired the minute the boss finds out about the other female partner. If they don’t get fired, they get paid less.

She says that the solution to this problem is for Obama to sign the federal nondiscrimination policy he vowed to support back in 2008. Almost four six years later, the executive order is still not approved. This policy would have been a vital instrument to push forward the equality in the work place for men, women, and LGBTs. Signing this order this year would be appropriate considering that 17 states are already enjoying the right to legal same-sex marriage. But it seems that the gender equality can only do so far, as of now.

Even the issue of same-sex marriage is still being met with a lot of heat especially by conservative religious groups like the Westboro Baptist Church. This group is particularly notorious for flaunting protest signs that read “God hates fags” or “Fags should die”. They’re well-known for picketing the 1998 funeral of the college student who was beaten to death because he was gay.

Seeing Blake Shelton tickets reminds one of the Twitter stunt he did to shameface the said homophobic group for calling him an adulterer and his wife, Miranda Lambert, a whore. He famously retorted to the group: “I got one more sin for ya…Blow me.”

This religious group may be an extremist, but they somehow represent the remnants of gender discrimination in the land. Even in the era of freedom to marry who one wants regardless of gender, LGBTs still experience discrimination. The equality for pay rates for all genders, including the LGBTs, should be pushed forward to truly live up to the “freedom for all” mantra.

U.S Political Parties Should Work for the People


You always want your children to have a good education. Your body needs to be healthy. You strive to have a standard way of living. But everything doesn’t add up. Then you turn your back and see government officials living the good life. You blame politics for being a dirty game causing poverty, hunger, unemployment and all issues that connects to them.

Blaming the government leaders have been the natural effect of you not having the life you wanted, medical care you need, and the job opportunity you long to have. Thinking that you can’t even choose the best dog food brand because of scarcity of resources is upsetting. You face a lot of problems from education down to the food you eat on the table.

Looking for the best dog foods on the market is not your major problem in the midst of crisis. Then it leads you to think life is unfair and policy leaders is making it worse. You can say that U.S politics looks for better solutions to address these political issues fairly. But it’s not easy because even the battle between the two parties isn’t over yet.

President’s come and go. They’ve been the products of the liberal and conservative approach. The liberal where the current President of the U.S belongs is also called the Democrat Party. Obviously, the conservatives are called the Republicans. Their belief has been the number one argument during debates. Whether it helps the economy or not, thinking about the people should be their number one priority.

These two different views will affect the need of the people in the future. Liberals are pursuing policies, but thinking if it works or not is not their main concern. They’re into it because they believe that policy should govern the nation as one. It’s good for them and it makes them look nice in the eyes of the people. Conservatives on the other hand are pursuing policies because they’re hard-working and always in motion.

But no matter how hard they argue and present their ideals. It’s must always be for the good of the nation and the people living in it. These two parties play a big role for the advancement of every benefits that Americans will experience in their everyday life.

Bruno Mars Helping to Promote Good Politics


Freedom of speech, is what defines a working democracy. United States of America being the best example in the world, works their hardest to give politics a different meaning. Compared to most developed democratic countries, third parties have less power in the U.S.A. Greater influence is held in the upper house of legislature and the Supreme Court has a wider scope of power.

Thorny politics is the main topic of every newspapers lately. The present Obama administration haters cannot quiet their tongue about major issues. Civilian critics are growing in number, they’ve become wiser and opinionated  especially about the issues on health care and security.

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You hear everyone talking evil about U.S politics without knowing even the smallest facts about it. That’s entirely unfair. Did you even know that Obama is the 44th President serving for two consecutive terms? That’s a widely known fact and it’s a shame if you don’t know it. Since then, the president has shown good impression to some and bad impression to other members. Democrat party members are more popular and wins the most coveted seat in the world most of the time.

United States of America is dubbed as the home of the famous and the rich, but criminals are dwelling everywhere in the country too. The fact is, committing a crime the U.S.A can take away your right to vote. Not a severe punishment but it’s a the truth everybody must know. Maybe the government should become hardcore in catching criminals as much collecting taxes from everybody else.

Booming economy with powerful politicians is what generally describe U.S.A’s well-known government. Similar to the federal level, they got the power to raise taxes, honestly it’s what keep them going. What’s best about this liberal government is freedom available to all members. Religion, speaking in public and equality before the law are among those you can enjoy.

Issues Surround Dwindling Interest on Obamacare


Four years since the passage into law, Obama’s health care law called ‘Obamacare’ is still dropping slowly but surely in the public interest. Marketing and poll specialists have hinted to Obama’s marketing advisers to change their marketing strategies by changing the name as its popularity in social media was lower than its other name ‘Affordable Care Act’ (ACA).

Last year’s analysis given to Bloomberg Businessweek showed the name ‘Affordable Care Act’ had twice positive mentions than negative. While the name ‘Obamacare’ had its positive mentions just a bit higher than negative.

Some people have inferred that maybe Obama’s name being included on the label may have affected its popularity when Obama’s ratings also went down. Evidently this is only one point of the issues circulating the healthcare law and the office of the President. Another issue is Obama’s inability to pursue and implement his promises not only on healthcare but to all that was mentioned throughout his campaigns, therefore, giving doubt to Obamacare’s ability to deliver proper health services.

Another apparent concern which could have inadvertently been used by Republican oppositions is the natural prejudice of Americans to foreign influences or intrusions. For example, the prejudice of many against all illegal workers and sometimes on immigrants who have taken over some of the working class jobs making it difficult for native-born citizens to compete with low-paid foreign workers.

This type of prejudice is called ‘nativism’ or distrust of foreigners. It was somehow correlated to the conspiracy theory of Obama’s not being a natural-born citizen which, although debatable, supposedly disqualifies him to run or become an American president. Parties interested in pursuing this issue were known as ‘birthers’ or those who sought to know where Obama was born. A senator and a congressman actually pushed this issue before the campaigns for presidential elections and even after the court rulings favoring Obama’s eligibility to run for elections.

The sentiment was somehow carried over to Obamacare making many suspicious of Obama’s intentions. It worsened when Obama’s advisers commissioned a think tank group called Heritage Foundation which created the ‘individual mandate’ in 1989 and incorporated it into Obamacare. The mandate specifies a plan to get everybody into Obamacare. Meaning not only the sick ones but the healthy ones also should be included which will seem to work like social security services but everybody will be obligated to pay for membership and will penalize non-members with a double of the membership fee.

This will ensure funding for Obamacare and assure a health care program for every sick person. However people resent this since they think that the healthy ones will be supporting the sick ones just like what is already happening on social welfare where tax contributions of those who have are supporting the have-nots or welfare riders. Other than that it becomes compulsory for everybody to be in the program.

Despite the widespread negative attitude towards Obamacare, a higher number of Americans do not necessarily want it repealed or delayed. They are still hopeful that Congress will still be able to iron out the kinks and complications within Obamacare. The definite question therefore is ‘How to get funding for Obamacare without burdening the public’.

One possible solution, but this will entail a lot of planning and much backing by banks and multi-million dollar companies, is that Obamacare must create an offspring or even several as corporate entities whose main objective is to generate funding through businesses solely to support Obamacare. This would definitely generate thousands of jobs from numerous entities.

One of its businesses could be fund management or investment portfolio management. Another one could be foreign exchange (FOREX), or investment and acquisition of precious metals and stones. An extremely lucrative business is the entertainment industry where one can come up with shows, sponsored MTVs, concerts and tours like Justin Moore’s concert tour.

With government persuasions, celebrated entertainers may be asked to help on a regular basis in the fund raising shows and tours all over the country or the world. The government will help in the ticket sales to multi-million dollar conglomerates or get them as sponsors. Think Vegas.

The objective is not to burden the working-class public and instead give them free entertainment paid by companies, possibly partially-subsidized health care programs and new jobs for the unemployed.

America’s Attitude towards LGBT Community


America is shifting to more liberal policies concerning controversial social issues. Just look at the recent marijuana legalization in some states. A decade ago that would have been a lunatic’s idea. Seems like the tide is the same with attitudes towards homosexuality. A survey by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) shows that there is an increase in gay and lesbian tolerance among all age and political group, religious sectors, and regions in the country.

From 32% in 2003 to 53% in 2013, the support for same-sex marriage climbed by an impressive 21%.  Also, the last decade saw the legalization of same-sex marriage by 17 states. The Defense of Marriage Act that prohibited the recognition of legally married gay couples was abolished by the US Supreme Court.

It’s Not All Colors

There are still threats to the gay community, however. Take for instance Arizona’s proposed service bill that legally allowed businesses to refuse service for gay people on the grounds of incompatible religious beliefs. Fortunately for the LGBT community, Gov. Jan Brewer scrapped the bill on March 1.

There are also existing “No Promo Homo” laws in 8 states namely: Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah. These types of laws prohibit school teachers to discuss topics related to homosexuality such as same sex marriage, threats of sexually transmitted infections to homosexuals, and other LGBT rights.

Alabama State Code mandates the teachers to portray homosexual activities as perilous to health, an unacceptable lifestyle, and against the law. These kinds of laws lead to misinformation and discrimination against LGBT.

Media’s Effect

Modern media certainly has far-reaching effects when it comes to all kinds of social and political issues. Advocates of LGBT rights take advantage of the Internet in spreading the information about the fight for equality.

One of the very vocal supporters of LGBT rights is the singer Katy Perry who made buzz last year when she blasted Tony Abbott on-air. Tony Abbott was running as Australia’s Prime Minister at the time and was openly unsupportive of same-sex marriage. Does Katy’s support for LGBTs somehow drive up sales of Katy Perry concert tickets  or is just really because of the adored Katy Perry boobs ? We’ll never know. What we do know is more and more Americans are beginning to agree with her pro-LGBT stand.

Democrats Push Hillary Clinton for 2016


This early, the presidential election in the United States in 2016 is already swamped with many speculations. Of course the predicted presidential candidates from the two camps – GOP and Democratic parties enjoy the attention. Looking at how various politicians try to posture themselves to be noticed by the electorate, one cannot help but laugh at the seeming comedy of it all.

Hillary Clinton as strong bet

Hillary Clinton did not make it to the Democrat Party nomination when she pitted against President Barack Obama in 2008. Nevertheless, Clinton demonstrated gracious acceptance of defeat by lending her full support, along with her husband former President Bill Clinton, to the candidacy of Obama. When Obama took his seat at the Capitol, Clinton was appointed as State Secretary and has remained actively involved in national governance to date, although no longer in public office. Today, she is being branded as the strongest contender for the presidency in 2016. The possibility is very clear, but the question now is – whether or not her fellow Democrats would field her unanimously.

Overdue leader

Most political analysts believe that Hillary Clinton is overdue for the presidential seat. Opinions in political forums speak in unison about how Clinton should have won the nomination in 2008. But that is beside the point now. The real issue here is the figures in the nominations. Granting that surveys are credible enough – the 82% votes that Clinton gained from her party members is a resounding approval for her bid in three years time. Now we can see the streaming of her supporters from every state when the actual campaign begins. Some will even travel to convention venues to see her address the people. It could be expensive for ordinary people to travel just to see Hillary Clinton, but according to some groups, they are ready to jump into Daniel Tosh Tour for cheaper flights. Such loyal support is indeed remarkable.

Too early

At this point it may be too early to predict as to Clinton’s opponent in the 2016 race will be. Yet no matter who it is going to be, the former senator and state secretary will certainly see a lot of action during her campaign trail.

Obama meets Yatsenuk as Ukrainian crisis deepens


The crisis in Ukraine has gotten even deeper by the days. This is why the American government is already stepping in and finding out all possible measures to avoid the problem from escalating even more. The US is doing its best to ensure Russia’s cooperation ahead of the upcoming Crimea referendum. Their vote is very crucial and might trigger more problems in the future.

Last Wednesday, US President Obama met Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenuk. In this meeting, Obama hopes that their last diplomatic efforts would lead to Crimea rethinking its vote regarding the referendum on whether they should be a part of Russia or not. If the vote will be in favor of the referendum, the US vowed not to recognize any other referendum from that point onward. The US has also accused Russia that election in Crimea was done at “the barrel of a gun.”

On the other hand, Ukraine Prime Minister Yatsenuk said that they will never surrender. They will fight for their territory and will remain as a part of the Western world. As of the moment, Obama is trying its best to pressure and court Russia at the same time. In fact, Obama is planning to meet Russia’s foreign minister in London this Friday. The US government believes that they are certain ways that could be done to ensure Russia’s interest in the region. There are right choices available and not just the removal of Crimea from Ukraine. At the same time, the US has already warned Russia that they will not acknowledge the referendum should it push through. The G7 world leaders also have the same stance. They believe that any attempt of Russia to change the mind of the Crimean government would be a violation of international laws and would have no legal bearing. The European Council also expressed the same sentiment.

The decision of Crimean officials this Sunday would define where this issue will be in the next days.

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Gov. Brewer Vetoes Arizona’s “Anti-gay Bill”


After a long and controversial battle, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has decided to veto the bill, which was branded as “anti-gay.” This bill would have allowed business owners to deny gay customers of services if they insist on invoking their religious freedom. According to Gov. Brewer, the said bill could have had “unintended and negative consequences.”

The Surprising Decision

The decision of Gov. Brewer came out as a surprise since her conservative stance would have led her to sign the bill. The bill also has a strong backing from the Republican party of the state, in which Brewer is a part of. Also, based on her previous decisions, she could have easily signed this conservative bill. In fact, she signed the SB1070, which was aimed at allowing authorities to force immigrants to show their legal documents. She has also become controversial before after wagging a finger at President Barack Obama.

The Repercussions of Approving the Bill

Even before the deadline for Gov. Brewer to sign or veto the bill, there were already tons of calls for her not to sign it. Arizona senators Jeff Blake and John McCain, who are both Republicans, have urged her to veto the bill. The Chamber of Commerce also opposes the idea behind the bill. Even the federal government has already expressed disapproval for this bill. They said that she could face litigation and boycott should she sign the bill. Worse, it could possibly affect the economy and tourism of the state if potential tourists and investors would shun them. Super Bowl is also scheduled next year in Arizona. Though Super Bowl has not released any statement regarding the issue, the possibility of pulling out is high had Brewer signed the bill.

Why Veto?

After vetoing the bill, Brewer said that the bill did not address a specific or present concern regarding Arizona’s religious liberty. She even added, “I have not heard one example in Arizona where a business owner’s religious liberty has been violated.” Her decision came about after realizing that the bill could potentially create more problems than what it was supposed to solve. She was also afraid that the decision could divide the state in ways she could not even imagine.

Protests have also been going on in front of the capitol for days prior to her decision. Upon vetoing the bill, loud cheers burst outside the capitol building. Gay rights groups lauded Gov. Brewer for her courageous stance on the subject.

Analyzing the Decision

Thought Gov. Brewer did not explicitly say something about the economic impact of signing the bill, it obviously had a significant bearing on her decision. Apple which is set to expand in Arizona and bring about 2,000 jobs has already expressed that Brewer should veto the bill. The same opinion was expressed by the American Airlines and Marriott Hotels; both are major sponsors of the Super Bowl next year. Even her allies from the Republican Party have also pointed out that she should just veto the bill.

Though some people expressed their gratitude to Brewer for not allowing a law that could step on the rights of other people to be passed, there are also those who were skeptic. They thought that this move was just for political survival. Signing the unpopular bill would be a political suicide and could possibly hurt all her future political ambitions. There are also a weak number of people who fully support the approval of the bill.

Photos of Gov. Brewer sitting on her office chair while vetoing the bill circulated immediately. Speaking of chairs, you can check out for the best option for your home or in the office.

What Modern People Think Bush-Cheney Should Follow: Best Political Campaign Tips


There is no one in this world who hasn’t heard about George W. Bush and Dick or Richard Cheney. As highly recognizable, both Bush and Cheney won the White House in the year 2001, and they governed the United States until 2009. Despite of the fact that both politicians received deteriorating issues whereby majority of those question their leadership and have something to do with conspiracy; there are still a lot of Americans who believe that they make a great team.

The fact that this author ignited the interest of some Americans in this political tandem, many are asking, in case they run in the next National Elections, can they still tickle the trust and love of the voters, particularly those people who lost their devotion to them?

What is a Political Campaign?

Political campaign is considered as an organized effort that aims to influence the voters’ decision making process. The political candidates are obliged to plan their campaigns very well to ensure that they’ll captivate the interest, trust, and votes of the majority.

Important Components of Political Campaigns

1. The Political Message

The political message pertains to the message or the ideologies that the election candidates want to impart to the voters, particularly to their supporters. Their political message is among the primary tools of candidates to entice the voters to agree to their ideas, and eventually encourage them to support their advocacies.

The political message is typically comprised of many talking points regarding policy issues. It also embodies the agenda of the election candidates. Until today, many believe that Bush and Cheney are capable of winning the votes of people, as long as they can come up with a properly structured political message, a message that can surely set them apart from the other candidates.

2. Organization

In this modern age, whereby the voters are more aware of the characteristics of what a leader should be, it is important for election candidates to have a structured campaign organization, a group that is well-capable of uplifting the image, the values, and the agenda of the candidates. It is important for the Bush-Cheney tandem to have a strong campaign organization, which can serve as their support system.

3. Campaign Finance

Many would certainly agree that political campaigns won’t be possible without pertinent finance. Thus, election candidates should know the most suitable, LEGAL techniques to raise funds for their campaigns. Bush-Cheney can once again court those who are in the private sectors to help them with their campaigns. Thus, there’s indeed a need for them to lay down a platform that may help them in winning the support of their target donors.

4. Campaign Manager

The title itself is self-explanatory, and it is indeed true that behind successful political campaigns is an efficient and intelligent campaign manager. Bush-Cheney tandem must be able to choose a campaign manager who can effortlessly coordinate the campaigns. Also, Bush and Cheney should choose a campaign manager that can represent them and execute outstanding strategies.

5. Political Consultants

The campaign manager is not the only one that Bush and Cheney should ponder upon. They also have to make sure that they’re able to get the best of the best political consultants. These are the people who are excellent in doing researches, whether opposition research or voter research, and they’re also good in executing field strategy.

6. Activists

The voters are not the only ones that Bush and Cheney should encourage. They need to have solid followers or activists who can do exemplary job on various campaign tasks, for instance, making phone calls or canvassing door-to-door. To entice activists, candidates must make them believe that they’re the right people to follow.

Do’s and Don’ts that Bush and Cheney should Consider

1. They can start their online campaign early

There are several things that can be done today in preparation for their political campaign. They can start utilizing the power of the World Wide Web; put a material about them and then start building the Bush-Cheney online reputation.

2. They should consider having a campaign website

Local election candidates invest in a campaign site because they are aware of the advantages that it can do to their image. Maybe in the past, particularly in 2001, campaign websites are not that rampant. Bush-Cheney tandem should have a striking website that can uplift their reputation and their political campaign.

3. They should not ignore the power of the social media

If Bush and Cheney were able to capture the trust and interest of voters in 2001, the time when online campaign is not yet popular, then these 2 great leaders has higher chances of winning seats in the White House if they use social media today. Take note; 42% of adults who are online use the social media. If Bush and Cheney can entice this 42%, they can assure that they’ll be the top contenders of the competition.

4. They should not forget about the power of ads

Supporters of the Bush-Cheney tandem believe that strong ads are what these 2 political figures need to entice the voters. They should have advertisements that can encourage the people to come to their rallies.

5. They need to prepare for the debate

Majority of politicians believe that preparation for the debate is among the most daunting parts of political campaign. Preparing for a debate is like preparing for a battle; a battle not only for the position, but also a battle of agendas and beliefs.

Today, the famous political team is once again in the limelight, and one of the factors that spark the interest of people in them is Peter Baker’s book about Bush and Cheney, Days of Fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House. As of today, Peter Baker is garnering a lot of positive reviews for his remarkable work in Days of Fire.

The world today is different from it was in the year 2001. America today is different from it was 13 years ago. Many are eager to know, what do Bush and Cheney needs in order to stay on top of the political game.

Origins of Dispute in American Politics

Leaders everywhere look at American politics with prestige. But you should know that even America is facing difficult issues that are not yet resolved by political leaders today. Giving solution to these conflicts will somehow prove that Politics in America is different among others.

Economy has been the most complicated issue of the U.S. Debt is growing but the congress and the president is doing nothing about it. There have been talks about tax reform but nothing is still resolved. With increase of debt ceiling, job creation is at risk. This can extremely affect the completion of budget. The government should take action on how to address this problem.

While economy is continuing to drop, immigration is becoming a serious issue. This has specifically involved Latino community. They’re not just visitors joining road races and looking for the best running shoes for flat feet. Immigration issue has been stirring up debates about delays in visa, requirements and law enforcement on visas available. Policy makers must make up their minds and should give this matter an absolute solution.

US shootouts everywhere only prove that gun control is a major issue as well. The congress and the president should tackle of gun violence before it goes out of hand. Without progress in resolving this problem, lives of innocents are still at stake. How much violence does the government needs before acting out?

Adding to these numbers of problems is the issue on healthcare. Some are still hesitant but Obamacare is created to stay longer. Political leaders and even the president only need to resolve provisions on this matter to successfully implement it. People won’t be complaining if improvements in healthcare will be hastened.

Further, same sex marriage is also one of the issues that the congress needs to respond. While some states are about to legalize same sex marriages, other states already legalized the use of marijuana. Policy makers need to review federal law and analyze the result.

Certainly, the government needs to resolve these issues before they become serious problems. There’s a thin line between analyzing and taking action.  The congress and the president need to take action now.

US Congress: Why People Hate It So Much

It’s sad to say that the American public has zero trust for their lawmakers. But you can’t blame them since there are lots of political issues that are unsolved until now. But to top it all here are the reason why the public hate the Congress so much.

It’s Too Big With Too Little Accomplishments

House of representatives are composed of 345 members but none of them accomplish much for the country. It’s even hard to recall one of them after the election. The Congress needs to create programs for the people to gain their trust.

Nothing is Done For The Common Good

Government shutdowns are always happening every two years because the Congress is not doing anything to control the countries spending. It only means that government shutdowns are frequent than electing lawmakers. People become the casualties of these shutdowns, that’s why their interest in electing house representatives have reduced for the past years.

It’s Overpaid

The people contest that giving $174,00 per year to policy makers is a way too much. They believe that Congress who are mostly millionaires on their own should only get a salary of $50,00 – $100,000 per year. It’s overspending especially if they’ve done little for the country’s development. The public thinks that paying for the best ice cream maker is more beneficial than paying for these useless lawmakers.

They’re Not Working The Whole Time

The Congress has 137 legislative days but it seems that they’ve accomplish nothing, talk about nothing and spend time for nothing. It’s the most disappointing part to the voting public. Improvement is slow because legislators are becoming career politicians. Working for the people is not the most important thing for them. They’re more concerned on the next party they will attend or the next restaurant they will visit. Politics is bad as a whole but electing a career politician is like a suicide.

They’re Not Good Responders

You can only hope for the best when you write complains address to Congress but it’s disappointing to get zero response. Instead of giving an immediate action, lawmakers are giving you this response letter with no substance at all. It only shows that they’re incompetent.

Problems That Need Serious Attention From American Leaders

Political leaders from around the globe see American leaders as strong and powerful individuals. Other policy makers see them as models in running a country or a state. But you should know that American politics, just like other countries, is not as perfect as it may seem. The U.S.A is facing lots of problems today in the community that needs severe consideration.

Others see Obama as their number 1 problem because of overspending and other socialistic policies. But you can never blame him for Bush’s screw ups. Here are some struggles that the USA is facing right now.

Education System – It’s obvious that Americans don’t have enough knowledge on culture. This causes grave racism in the country. If the government will only provide the right information, there will a reduction on racism. People need education to increase the level of common sense.

Respect for Other Countries – Watching American T.V. shows and films will make you realize that they portray other countries negatively. You can see that they think highly of themselves in and left no respect for other culture and religion.

No Respect for Elders – It’s true that kids from the U.S.A don’t have respect for older people. This is not only a problem of the government but the problem with parents. Maybe they need more parenting seminars and workshops to uphold good conduct.

Media Frenzy – Reality T.V shows are ruling every channel in the U.S. These shows like dancing with the stars, America’s next top model, real housewives are dumbing the people. Focus on real problems like overspending, racism, dependency is more important than watching these reality T.V. shows. Don’t be fooled by the nonsense talk and wrong information given by the media.

Substance or Drug Abuse – It’s a shame that problem with drugs is taking over America. Honestly, this problem should be given a permanent solution. Government should build more inpatient drug rehab. Policy makers must become serious in eradicating this problem. They should focus more on specific solutions in addition to inpatient drug rehab.

Corruption – Others may not see it but corruption has been the number one problem not only with the U.S.A but for other countries as well.

Help for Single Mothers

In a recent community study made by The New York Times, a connection between the rate of increase in single parents and society’s growing inequality of income was noticed. Single parents are on the rise, and based on statistics, there are more single mothers than fathers. With every addition to the number, financial burdens rise which naturally affects the economy.

Single mothers who were unable to attain college degrees find it very hard to make ends meet. Most depend on food stamps, coupons and vouchers, donations. Those who are able to work settle with low wages, since time is a big pressure; the single mom catches the immediately available work position she can get.

There are existing efforts on a local and national level to support these single parents but many openly voice out that in stead of more efforts being put in, a number are even paring back allowances and supports which these single mothers and fathers depend greatly on.

Latest statistics reveal a big difference on birth situations. In the 1990’s, only about 20 percent have births outside of marriage. These days, the rate is up to 41%.  Many of the occurrences fall in the middle to low income generating parent/s. If the government is unable to grant needed support, then financial capacity will be on a downward trend, not just for the single parent but for the children born out of wedlock; they may very well assume the same financial struggle their single parent has been facing, when they grow up.

American politics seem to just dodge addressing this problem in a more serious and intentional manner. Don’t be surprised to find out that America is the only nation among the top 15 economically competitive countries which does not mandate paid sick leave nor does the US pay vacation time of employees. This doesn’t make it any easier for the single parent who will helplessly miss work if something happens at home that would need his or her presence.

While all this information may be sad to hear, the single mother can take heart. Government, Social, and Religious programs are still in place. Some form of help is available. Consult an organization nearby for inquiries. Check help for single mothers for information.

Obama’s Popularity Further Declines

According to Gallup’s annual World Affairs poll conducted Feb. 6-9, the number of Americans thinking the world leaders respect Obama went from 51% in 2013 to 41% in 2014. Those who do not think world leaders respect Obama increased from 43% in 2013 to 53% in 2014.

More Americans seem to have poorer opinions of Obama probably due to his handling of the international affairs. His credibility’s decline resulted perhaps by his decisions in Syria, Russia-Ukraine conflict, his dealings with Israel and the surveillance revelation by The Guardian, a British Newspaper, whose informer was a former NSA contractor.

Obama’s job approval was declining during the entire year of 2013. It started from 52% in January and ended at around 41% in December. There is even a possibility that the rate may still go down the following year.

In an almost radical move last year, Obama envisioned a turn around and tried to take matters into his own hands before the 2014 Congressional Elections. As David Dreyer, a former Clinton speechwriter, told TIME,

“… he (Obama) will give Congress a choice: work with me or I will go around you. ‘He’s setting up the choice and saying to Congress: Here’s what I can do and will do, and here’s what I can’t do without you,’…”

In Dreyer’s analysis, Obama intended to trim the hedges and cut the lawn like the best zero turn mower pushing productivity, increasing opportunities and social mobility. He will try with or without the help of congress and try to help win the congressional seats for the Democratic Party in the 2014 elections. Else, he will truly become a lame duck for the rest of his term if the GOP wins a majority in the elections.

It is almost the summer of 2014 now and Obama’s efforts have not changed the American perception of the increasing distrust of other nations of U.S. ability to extend help should another problematic situation arise. They fear it will be just like the way Obama handled Syria, Ukraine and Iran.

Even friendly nations seem uncertain of the U.S. stand if problems arise also in Asia. Obama even had to promise them of U.S. defense and support during his visit to Japan and the Philippines in his Asian tour.

Hating Politics Comes With Good Reasons

U.S Politicians are popular because of reasons that are self-explanatory. They’re famous because they’re career politicians. Actually they’re better actors than celebrities. They look at debates and campaigns as a chance for them to shine in the camera. You should be careful around these types of people. They are the worst people in the planet. Promises during campaigns are considered nothing especially if it comes out from the mouth of some untrustworthy breed of policy makers. You hate politics but you absolutely have good reasons and here are some of those.

They’re greedy – They promise you good life, good projects during campaigns but politicians change their mind. What you hear we’re all lies and should not be considered from the beginning. Trusting the fact that they will do what they say is a mockery to your part.

They breathe the same air – Politicians are all the same. It’s not shocking if they all do the same. They literally breathe the same air or maybe they even have the same water delivery service. It means they’re drinking the same water too. It’s disappointing but mostly politicians are more concerned about how they look. They aim for their own success and not for the people.

They think they’re socialites – Politicians are blinded by the fact that they’re not in the position just to attend different dinner parties and soirees. They’re more preoccupied with venues on their next dinner party. Most politicians in the U.S are even associated with celebrities and socialites. They’re busy promoting themselves that they have no time making good policies for the people.

They’re users – It’s undeniable that they only need votes to win. That’s why they act like they care but the truth is they hate the people in the community. Their speeches about how they care for the poor are all for the show. Obamacare must be getting lots of attention but at least someone is thinking about the sick poor people. But it doesn’t really erase the incompetence they’ve been showing for years.

The politics of the U.S.A has been the cause of media frenzy around the globe. That’s why as a nation with strong political will, politicians working in the U.S government must show others that they’re competent enough for the job.

Reasons Why People Should Be Drawn To Politics

The public’s interest especially about politics in the U.S.A is normal. It’s given that all eyes will be watchful on how politicians move and do their job.  That’s why it’s disappointing to know that the person you voted doesn’t care. But it’s still best to take part on how the government works. It’s still advisable to keep an eye on them.

Shrugging  shoulders and complaining is not caring. Taking part about how policy-makers do things their way may enlighten you on why septic service companies increase their rate. Or it’s a way to discover your health benefits. These can be good reasons why should take interest on politics and you can try reading on for some more.

You’ll get to know your government – It’s important to vote. You only have the right to complain if you vote during election.  Results might be upsetting but it’s a way to keep in touch with the policy-makers whom you have high hopes. People are curious if they really get the government that deserved their votes.

You should know where your money goes – Everybody is affected by the major decisions made by the policy-makers. There’s no time to ignore them. People’s money is funding the government that’s why everyone must be aware of what’s being done for the common good.  The people have the right to know the reasons behind price hikes. It may be a little bizarre but you need to know why septic service companies – a small business is getting scarce.

You need a better future – Local or international politics has a big impact on your future. U.S.A.’s politics bring a huge difference to different parts of the world. Being aware is necessary to know what the future has in store for you and your family. Knowing how policy-makers work for the community is a kick-start to secure your future.

You need to defend your right – It’s obvious that gay rights and other political issues have been popular around the globe. You can only raise your concern about women empowerment or fair justice system if you take part on policy awareness.

You often complain about how policy-makers work but you never stand for your rights and your beliefs. It’s true that politics is dirty. Career politicians are increasing in the U.S.A  and it’s a shame knowing that other countries look up to them. But you can change things little by little if you will just let yourself be informed about  the current issues concerning the government.