America’s Attitude towards LGBT Community

America is shifting to more liberal policies concerning controversial social issues. Just look at the recent marijuana legalization in some states. A decade ago that would have been a lunatic’s idea. Seems like the tide is the same with attitudes towards homosexuality. A survey by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) shows that there is an increase in gay and lesbian tolerance among all age and political group, religious sectors, and regions in the country.

From 32% in 2003 to 53% in 2013, the support for same-sex marriage climbed by an impressive 21%.  Also, the last decade saw the legalization of same-sex marriage by 17 states. The Defense of Marriage Act that prohibited the recognition of legally married gay couples was abolished by the US Supreme Court.

It’s Not All Colors

There are still threats to the gay community, however. Take for instance Arizona’s proposed service bill that legally allowed businesses to refuse service for gay people on the grounds of incompatible religious beliefs. Fortunately for the LGBT community, Gov. Jan Brewer scrapped the bill on March 1.

There are also existing “No Promo Homo” laws in 8 states namely: Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah. These types of laws prohibit school teachers to discuss topics related to homosexuality such as same sex marriage, threats of sexually transmitted infections to homosexuals, and other LGBT rights.

Alabama State Code mandates the teachers to portray homosexual activities as perilous to health, an unacceptable lifestyle, and against the law. These kinds of laws lead to misinformation and discrimination against LGBT.

Media’s Effect

Modern media certainly has far-reaching effects when it comes to all kinds of social and political issues. Advocates of LGBT rights take advantage of the Internet in spreading the information about the fight for equality.

One of the very vocal supporters of LGBT rights is the singer Katy Perry who made buzz last year when she blasted Tony Abbott on-air. Tony Abbott was running as Australia’s Prime Minister at the time and was openly unsupportive of same-sex marriage. Does Katy’s support for LGBTs somehow drive up sales of Katy Perry concert tickets  or is just really because of the adored Katy Perry boobs ? We’ll never know. What we do know is more and more Americans are beginning to agree with her pro-LGBT stand.

Garbage Disposal Issues are Now Becoming More of a Political Problem

In various parts of the world, garbage disposal has always been a big issue. Every day, tons of waste materials are being disposed. However, according to some researchers, the problem of garbage disposal is no longer just an issue of the lack of disposal technology, but a political issue already.

According to William Rathje, the head of the research project on garbage at the University of Arizona, new technology is already in place to help ease out the problem of garbage disposal. The said technology reduces the huge amount of garbage for disposal. With the right amount of financial incentives, there would be tons of garbage more that will be reduced.

However, without the right political willpower, any of the technology available will be left unused. The people are also not given the right incentives should they follow the right regulations for garbage disposal. Landfills are also not given the right budget for proper maintenance. In fact, in New Jersey, the number of landfills significantly reduced from 331 to just 13. The other waste materials are now being disposed to other states. Other states have started turning to incinerators for garbage disposal even if they have obvious environmental consequences. This is due to the lack of funding as well as proper places for garbage disposal.

There are also no strong laws in various states to control huge companies from producing huge amounts of waste materials. Even if there are some violations, there were no serious consequences on their actions. The reduced area for landfills in exchange of commercial and residential establishments has also become major reasons for the increase in garbage disposal problems.

Do Your Part

If you can’t wait for the government to make necessary actions, then just do your share. Dispose your waste properly at home and in the office. You can also go for dumpster rental MN since they have a better way of garbage disposal at an affordable cost. There are also different dumpster sizes available depending on your needs. Just contact the right company who will deal with the problem without necessarily paying a lot for their services.

Democrats Push Hillary Clinton for 2016

This early, the presidential election in the United States in 2016 is already swamped with many speculations. Of course the predicted presidential candidates from the two camps – GOP and Democratic parties enjoy the attention. Looking at how various politicians try to posture themselves to be noticed by the electorate, one cannot help but laugh at the seeming comedy of it all.

Hillary Clinton as strong bet

Hillary Clinton did not make it to the Democrat Party nomination when she pitted against President Barack Obama in 2008. Nevertheless, Clinton demonstrated gracious acceptance of defeat by lending her full support, along with her husband former President Bill Clinton, to the candidacy of Obama. When Obama took his seat at the Capitol, Clinton was appointed as State Secretary and has remained actively involved in national governance to date, although no longer in public office. Today, she is being branded as the strongest contender for the presidency in 2016. The possibility is very clear, but the question now is – whether or not her fellow Democrats would field her unanimously.

Overdue leader

Most political analysts believe that Hillary Clinton is overdue for the presidential seat. Opinions in political forums speak in unison about how Clinton should have won the nomination in 2008. But that is beside the point now. The real issue here is the figures in the nominations. Granting that surveys are credible enough – the 82% votes that Clinton gained from her party members is a resounding approval for her bid in three years time. Now we can see the streaming of her supporters from every state when the actual campaign begins. Some will even travel to convention venues to see her address the people. It could be expensive for ordinary people to travel just to see Hillary Clinton, but according to some groups, they are ready to jump into Daniel Tosh Tour for cheaper flights. Such loyal support is indeed remarkable.

Too early

At this point it may be too early to predict as to Clinton’s opponent in the 2016 race will be. Yet no matter who it is going to be, the former senator and state secretary will certainly see a lot of action during her campaign trail.

Obama meets Yatsenuk as Ukrainian crisis deepens

The crisis in Ukraine has gotten even deeper by the days. This is why the American government is already stepping in and finding out all possible measures to avoid the problem from escalating even more. The US is doing its best to ensure Russia’s cooperation ahead of the upcoming Crimea referendum. Their vote is very crucial and might trigger more problems in the future.

Last Wednesday, US President Obama met Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenuk. In this meeting, Obama hopes that their last diplomatic efforts would lead to Crimea rethinking its vote regarding the referendum on whether they should be a part of Russia or not. If the vote will be in favor of the referendum, the US vowed not to recognize any other referendum from that point onward. The US has also accused Russia that election in Crimea was done at “the barrel of a gun.”

On the other hand, Ukraine Prime Minister Yatsenuk said that they will never surrender. They will fight for their territory and will remain as a part of the Western world. As of the moment, Obama is trying its best to pressure and court Russia at the same time. In fact, Obama is planning to meet Russia’s foreign minister in London this Friday. The US government believes that they are certain ways that could be done to ensure Russia’s interest in the region. There are right choices available and not just the removal of Crimea from Ukraine. At the same time, the US has already warned Russia that they will not acknowledge the referendum should it push through. The G7 world leaders also have the same stance. They believe that any attempt of Russia to change the mind of the Crimean government would be a violation of international laws and would have no legal bearing. The European Council also expressed the same sentiment.

The decision of Crimean officials this Sunday would define where this issue will be in the next days.

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Gov. Brewer Vetoes Arizona’s “Anti-gay Bill”

After a long and controversial battle, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has decided to veto the bill, which was branded as “anti-gay.” This bill would have allowed business owners to deny gay customers of services if they insist on invoking their religious freedom. According to Gov. Brewer, the said bill could have had “unintended and negative consequences.”

The Surprising Decision

The decision of Gov. Brewer came out as a surprise since her conservative stance would have led her to sign the bill. The bill also has a strong backing from the Republican party of the state, in which Brewer is a part of. Also, based on her previous decisions, she could have easily signed this conservative bill. In fact, she signed the SB1070, which was aimed at allowing authorities to force immigrants to show their legal documents. She has also become controversial before after wagging a finger at President Barack Obama.

The Repercussions of Approving the Bill

Even before the deadline for Gov. Brewer to sign or veto the bill, there were already tons of calls for her not to sign it. Arizona senators Jeff Blake and John McCain, who are both Republicans, have urged her to veto the bill. The Chamber of Commerce also opposes the idea behind the bill. Even the federal government has already expressed disapproval for this bill. They said that she could face litigation and boycott should she sign the bill. Worse, it could possibly affect the economy and tourism of the state if potential tourists and investors would shun them. Super Bowl is also scheduled next year in Arizona. Though Super Bowl has not released any statement regarding the issue, the possibility of pulling out is high had Brewer signed the bill.

Why Veto?

After vetoing the bill, Brewer said that the bill did not address a specific or present concern regarding Arizona’s religious liberty. She even added, “I have not heard one example in Arizona where a business owner’s religious liberty has been violated.” Her decision came about after realizing that the bill could potentially create more problems than what it was supposed to solve. She was also afraid that the decision could divide the state in ways she could not even imagine.

Protests have also been going on in front of the capitol for days prior to her decision. Upon vetoing the bill, loud cheers burst outside the capitol building. Gay rights groups lauded Gov. Brewer for her courageous stance on the subject.

Analyzing the Decision

Thought Gov. Brewer did not explicitly say something about the economic impact of signing the bill, it obviously had a significant bearing on her decision. Apple which is set to expand in Arizona and bring about 2,000 jobs has already expressed that Brewer should veto the bill. The same opinion was expressed by the American Airlines and Marriott Hotels; both are major sponsors of the Super Bowl next year. Even her allies from the Republican Party have also pointed out that she should just veto the bill.

Though some people expressed their gratitude to Brewer for not allowing a law that could step on the rights of other people to be passed, there are also those who were skeptic. They thought that this move was just for political survival. Signing the unpopular bill would be a political suicide and could possibly hurt all her future political ambitions. There are also a weak number of people who fully support the approval of the bill.

Photos of Gov. Brewer sitting on her office chair while vetoing the bill circulated immediately. Speaking of chairs, you can check out for the best option for your home or in the office.