Bruno Mars Helping to Promote Good Politics

Freedom of speech, is what defines a working democracy. United States of America being the best example in the world, works their hardest to give politics a different meaning. Compared to most developed democratic countries, third parties have less power in the U.S.A. Greater influence is held in the upper house of legislature and the Supreme Court has a wider scope of power.

Thorny politics is the main topic of every newspapers lately. The present Obama administration haters cannot quiet their tongue about major issues. Civilian critics are growing in number, they’ve become wiser and opinionated  especially about the issues on health care and security.

Thanks to showbiz entertainers, everyone has the time to walk away from dirty politics for few hours. You can release stress to one of Bruno Mars’ tour this year. Music is relaxing to the mind and soul. You can watch the gig with some friends, Bruno Mars Tickets  are just a click away.

You hear everyone talking evil about U.S politics without knowing even the smallest facts about it. That’s entirely unfair. Did you even know that Obama is the 44th President serving for two consecutive terms? That’s a widely known fact and it’s a shame if you don’t know it. Since then, the president has shown good impression to some and bad impression to other members. Democrat party members are more popular and wins the most coveted seat in the world most of the time.

United States of America is dubbed as the home of the famous and the rich, but criminals are dwelling everywhere in the country too. The fact is, committing a crime the U.S.A can take away your right to vote. Not a severe punishment but it’s a the truth everybody must know. Maybe the government should become hardcore in catching criminals as much collecting taxes from everybody else.

Booming economy with powerful politicians is what generally describe U.S.A’s well-known government. Similar to the federal level, they got the power to raise taxes, honestly it’s what keep them going. What’s best about this liberal government is freedom available to all members. Religion, speaking in public and equality before the law are among those you can enjoy.

Issues Surround Dwindling Interest on Obamacare

Four years since the passage into law, Obama’s health care law called ‘Obamacare’ is still dropping slowly but surely in the public interest. Marketing and poll specialists have hinted to Obama’s marketing advisers to change their marketing strategies by changing the name as its popularity in social media was lower than its other name ‘Affordable Care Act’ (ACA).

Last year’s analysis given to Bloomberg Businessweek showed the name ‘Affordable Care Act’ had twice positive mentions than negative. While the name ‘Obamacare’ had its positive mentions just a bit higher than negative.

Some people have inferred that maybe Obama’s name being included on the label may have affected its popularity when Obama’s ratings also went down. Evidently this is only one point of the issues circulating the healthcare law and the office of the President. Another issue is Obama’s inability to pursue and implement his promises not only on healthcare but to all that was mentioned throughout his campaigns, therefore, giving doubt to Obamacare’s ability to deliver proper health services.

Another apparent concern which could have inadvertently been used by Republican oppositions is the natural prejudice of Americans to foreign influences or intrusions. For example, the prejudice of many against all illegal workers and sometimes on immigrants who have taken over some of the working class jobs making it difficult for native-born citizens to compete with low-paid foreign workers.

This type of prejudice is called ‘nativism’ or distrust of foreigners. It was somehow correlated to the conspiracy theory of Obama’s not being a natural-born citizen which, although debatable, supposedly disqualifies him to run or become an American president. Parties interested in pursuing this issue were known as ‘birthers’ or those who sought to know where Obama was born. A senator and a congressman actually pushed this issue before the campaigns for presidential elections and even after the court rulings favoring Obama’s eligibility to run for elections.

The sentiment was somehow carried over to Obamacare making many suspicious of Obama’s intentions. It worsened when Obama’s advisers commissioned a think tank group called Heritage Foundation which created the ‘individual mandate’ in 1989 and incorporated it into Obamacare. The mandate specifies a plan to get everybody into Obamacare. Meaning not only the sick ones but the healthy ones also should be included which will seem to work like social security services but everybody will be obligated to pay for membership and will penalize non-members with a double of the membership fee.

This will ensure funding for Obamacare and assure a health care program for every sick person. However people resent this since they think that the healthy ones will be supporting the sick ones just like what is already happening on social welfare where tax contributions of those who have are supporting the have-nots or welfare riders. Other than that it becomes compulsory for everybody to be in the program.

Despite the widespread negative attitude towards Obamacare, a higher number of Americans do not necessarily want it repealed or delayed. They are still hopeful that Congress will still be able to iron out the kinks and complications within Obamacare. The definite question therefore is ‘How to get funding for Obamacare without burdening the public’.

One possible solution, but this will entail a lot of planning and much backing by banks and multi-million dollar companies, is that Obamacare must create an offspring or even several as corporate entities whose main objective is to generate funding through businesses solely to support Obamacare. This would definitely generate thousands of jobs from numerous entities.

One of its businesses could be fund management or investment portfolio management. Another one could be foreign exchange (FOREX), or investment and acquisition of precious metals and stones. An extremely lucrative business is the entertainment industry where one can come up with shows, sponsored MTVs, concerts and tours like Justin Moore’s concert tour.

With government persuasions, celebrated entertainers may be asked to help on a regular basis in the fund raising shows and tours all over the country or the world. The government will help in the ticket sales to multi-million dollar conglomerates or get them as sponsors. Think Vegas.

The objective is not to burden the working-class public and instead give them free entertainment paid by companies, possibly partially-subsidized health care programs and new jobs for the unemployed.