Who Can Ordinary Plumbers and Middle Class Workers Really Trust to be President?

This presidential election has become one of the nastiest in recent history. It has usually gone out of the focus from issues to personality. With the rise of recent scandals, the focus has gone out of important issues especially for middle class Americans. Both candidates claim to be champions of the middle class. Who among them truly represent what is best for the American people? Who can provide the best for ordinary plumbers, artists, construction workers and waiters?

Donald Trump has made himself more popular by naming himself as the champion of the working class. He has kept promising that he will bring back to the United States. He said that the problem is that it is too easy for jobs to flow out of the US and for illegal immigrants to come inside the country. Though he has promised these reforms, he has also made use of them to his advantage while running his business. He has also mentioned about cutting taxes and not raising them at all. He said this by coupling it with the reduction of taxes for businesses, which as Hillary said it- a trumped up, trickled down economics.

On the other hand, Hillary has promised that she will increase minimum wages, advocate equal pay for equal work, health and maternity leave and free college tuition. She has also presented how she will make this happen. According to her, she will tax the wealthy even more and keep the middle class working. She has promised the biggest infrastructure investment since World War II. She has also made it clear that she will not tax the poor people.

The reality

Although both of them promise to provide for the needs of the middle class, only Hillary has presented how she can make it happen. When pressed about the details of his policy, Trump has not presented any. He only kept saying people to believe him and what he says about his platforms. He also said that he will make good negotiations and trade deals without going into the specifics of his policies. His popularity is anchored upon the idea that he will most likely do the things expected of him to do once his is in office.

Think of your future

If you are an ordinary plumber, this makes you think again. Do you really want to entrust the future of your country to a disgusting man who has kept promising a lot of things without any way of making them a reality or would you rather have an experienced woman do the job? This election has become really nasty, but at the end of the day, the choice is pretty clear.

If you work as a plumber Athelstone, then you need to vote for someone whom you think will stand up for you, your rights and that of your children. At this point, everything should have been pretty clear. You just can’t place everything on the tiny hands of a man whose promises are empty.