The Defeat of the GOP Health Bill is a Temporary Win for Middle Class Workers in America  

Donald Trump won with his promises to save the middle class workers of America. He promised to bring back thousands of jobs that were lost. Although he has pointed to the wrong reasons, a lot of people bought his promises and made him win. The states with a lot of middle class workers like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, pushed him towards victory.

Sadly, upon taking office, Trump is doing the exact opposite of what he has promised. For instance, he has promised to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better. He has not even introduced anything to the table and allowed Speaker Ryan to dictate the terms.

Apparently, after the infighting among the GOP members of Congress, Ryan has decided to pull the bill out and not have a vote. It was a massive disaster, but in a way, a major success for the middle class workers.

Even if Obamacare is imperfect, it has helped a lot of people who can’t afford to buy insurance premiums. Instead of fixing the problem, the GOP is trying to blow everything up, but have no concrete alternative.

This means that ordinary workers who can barely make ends meet can still keep their healthcare and have access to it when they need one.

The Democrats have promised to work with the other party if they are moving towards fixing the problem with Obamacare and not destroying it.

The fight isn’t over

Trump has threatened that if Congress doesn’t vote on Obamacare repeal, he will move on to other legislative agenda. After the fallout, members of Congress tried to mend things and fix their proposal. They still insist the idea of total Obamacare repeal. They want to lower the premiums by proposing the removal of the government in the program. They want healthcare to be run entirely by the private sector.

Sadly, the numbers show that without intervention from the government, prices will surely go up. Middle class workers will be hurt even more. Perhaps, the Republicans might bring this issue up in the future. They won’t stop until they repeal Obamacare.

This only means that middle class workers have to brace for bigger fights. They have made their voices heard during town hall meetings and put to shame their representatives. The same battle may continue in the future. It only shows just how powerful the middle class is if they put their collective voices together.

Whether you are a coal miner or an artist, as long as you are struggling to make ends meet; your voice matters. This is the time for you to step up and let the government know about your real concerns. For sure, anything that could hurt the middle class won’t be pushed forward by members of Congress if they are always reminded of it.

Again, even if you job is to simply work on blocked drains Adelaide or provide service in a department store, it is important. Don’t let these politicians take your health care away. Hold them accountable for their actions.