America’s Attitude towards LGBT Community

America is shifting to more liberal policies concerning controversial social issues. Just look at the recent marijuana legalization in some states. A decade ago that would have been a lunatic’s idea. Seems like the tide is the same with attitudes towards homosexuality. A survey by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) shows that there is an increase in gay and lesbian tolerance among all age and political group, religious sectors, and regions in the country.

From 32% in 2003 to 53% in 2013, the support for same-sex marriage climbed by an impressive 21%.  Also, the last decade saw the legalization of same-sex marriage by 17 states. The Defense of Marriage Act that prohibited the recognition of legally married gay couples was abolished by the US Supreme Court.

It’s Not All Colors

There are still threats to the gay community, however. Take for instance Arizona’s proposed service bill that legally allowed businesses to refuse service for gay people on the grounds of incompatible religious beliefs. Fortunately for the LGBT community, Gov. Jan Brewer scrapped the bill on March 1.

There are also existing “No Promo Homo” laws in 8 states namely: Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah. These types of laws prohibit school teachers to discuss topics related to homosexuality such as same sex marriage, threats of sexually transmitted infections to homosexuals, and other LGBT rights.

Alabama State Code mandates the teachers to portray homosexual activities as perilous to health, an unacceptable lifestyle, and against the law. These kinds of laws lead to misinformation and discrimination against LGBT.

Media’s Effect

Modern media certainly has far-reaching effects when it comes to all kinds of social and political issues. Advocates of LGBT rights take advantage of the Internet in spreading the information about the fight for equality.

One of the very vocal supporters of LGBT rights is the singer Katy Perry who made buzz last year when she blasted Tony Abbott on-air. Tony Abbott was running as Australia’s Prime Minister at the time and was openly unsupportive of same-sex marriage. Does Katy’s support for LGBTs somehow drive up sales of Katy Perry concert tickets  or is just really because of the adored Katy Perry boobs ? We’ll never know. What we do know is more and more Americans are beginning to agree with her pro-LGBT stand.