Who Can Ordinary Plumbers and Middle Class Workers Really Trust to be President?

This presidential election has become one of the nastiest in recent history. It has usually gone out of the focus from issues to personality. With the rise of recent scandals, the focus has gone out of important issues especially for middle class Americans. Both candidates claim to be champions of the middle class. Who among them truly represent what is best for the American people? Who can provide the best for ordinary plumbers, artists, construction workers and waiters?

Donald Trump has made himself more popular by naming himself as the champion of the working class. He has kept promising that he will bring back to the United States. He said that the problem is that it is too easy for jobs to flow out of the US and for illegal immigrants to come inside the country. Though he has promised these reforms, he has also made use of them to his advantage while running his business. He has also mentioned about cutting taxes and not raising them at all. He said this by coupling it with the reduction of taxes for businesses, which as Hillary said it- a trumped up, trickled down economics.

On the other hand, Hillary has promised that she will increase minimum wages, advocate equal pay for equal work, health and maternity leave and free college tuition. She has also presented how she will make this happen. According to her, she will tax the wealthy even more and keep the middle class working. She has promised the biggest infrastructure investment since World War II. She has also made it clear that she will not tax the poor people.

The reality

Although both of them promise to provide for the needs of the middle class, only Hillary has presented how she can make it happen. When pressed about the details of his policy, Trump has not presented any. He only kept saying people to believe him and what he says about his platforms. He also said that he will make good negotiations and trade deals without going into the specifics of his policies. His popularity is anchored upon the idea that he will most likely do the things expected of him to do once his is in office.

Think of your future

If you are an ordinary plumber, this makes you think again. Do you really want to entrust the future of your country to a disgusting man who has kept promising a lot of things without any way of making them a reality or would you rather have an experienced woman do the job? This election has become really nasty, but at the end of the day, the choice is pretty clear.

If you work as a plumber Athelstone, then you need to vote for someone whom you think will stand up for you, your rights and that of your children. At this point, everything should have been pretty clear. You just can’t place everything on the tiny hands of a man whose promises are empty.


Do You Want To Know the Blake Shelton Tour Schedule?

To those who are fans of Blake Shelton, the time has come for you to receive the tickets for his tour. They are available and open for reservation, be sure to order as fast as you can in order to get the best seat. You want to experience the performance in good quality after all. Bring all your friends who share your passion and grab those tickets. Be sure not to miss the chance to order now or else it will be sold. The concert is going to be hot and wild, so you have to fight your way to the top in order to meet Mr. Shelton.

But what about to those who are new to Mr. Blake Shelton’s music? Do you know the big man himself? To those who are not up to date, here is some basic info about the guy. So, his name is Mr. Blake Shelton, and he is now 40 years old. He is born on June 18 in the year of 1976. He is married to his beloved Miranda Lambert who is also a country musician. He first become a successful singer on the year of 2001 where he released his first album the Austin, a self-titled album and had formed a 5 week contract with Giant Records. He had released two songs that has become a part of the TOP TWENTY LIST back in 2001. It had become the kicking start of his career until his contract expired where he grabbed many opportunity to try out his acting and teaching skills for both film, TV series and in a TV show called VOICE.

Now that you are already well-educated to Mr Blake Shelton’s history let’s proceed to Mr. Blake Shelton Tour Schedule. Be sure to check to confirm if the schedule is the correct one. Bring as many people as you can because the live concert is going to be a big hit.

You can check the current schedule that is set on next month if you’re going to miss this month’s show.

  • NOVEMBER 2016: TIME:               LOCATION

1                                                               7:30 PM                       TD GardenBoston, MA

6                                                               7:30 PM                       SNHU ArenaManchester, NH

7                                                               7:30 PM                       Barclays CenterBrooklyn, NY

8                                                               7:30 PM                       Barclays CenterBrooklyn, NY


These are the schedule for November if you somehow missed your September show. Do not worry there is a chance for those who missed the opportunity to visit his live concert and it is the following month. The venue and the time are shown above, so you will be prepared on that date. You don’t have to mope for too long because Blake Shelton tour is still on NOVEMBER 1, 6, 7, and 8. It is going to be the best concert to date, and you will get to experience listening to his smooth country music voice in full view. The experience is going to be a phenomenon.

Buying Musical Instruments at a Guitar Store

guitarAre you in the market for a new guitar such as from a guitar store Adelaide? If so, then you’re making a great choice. Guitars are one of the most popular instruments used in the world of music, and that includes Australian music where music is extremely popular.

However, if you’re new to buying a guitar you might be uncertain about where to start. The good news is that you can take some basic steps to choose the right guitar for your needs. This will help to find the best instrument for your particular situation, whether it’s to spend your free time writing a guitar song, playing for friends/family, performing live concerts, or even recording guitar music. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Choose between acoustic electric

This can be a tough decision. There are various factors to consider, such as the type of music you intend to play. If you’re a new guitar player then you should probably choose an acoustic guitar. On the other hand, if you want to play heavy metal music, then an electric car would be a better choice.

Keep in mind that there’s a major difference between the cost of acoustic and electric guitars. This is an important issue if you want to save money on your purchase, for example. On the other hand, if you must the latest and greatest guitar for playing hard rock or metal, for example, then an electric guitar would be a better option.

2. Do your research

It’s highly advisable to not do impulse buying when purchasing a guitar. It’s a major purchase so you should avoid purchasing a guitar just because it’s the latest model, it’s on sale for a rock-bottom price, and so on.

Instead, you should make sure to do your homework before you purchase your guitar. This will help to prevent making a bad decision about which guitar to buy. Even when you buy a guitar at a local Australian music store, you shouldn’t expect the price to be cheap per se. That’s why it makes sense to consider all your options carefully before choosing a guitar. If you take time to do your research it’s possible.

3. Test guitar models in stores

It’s advisable to visit a local Australian music store so you can test a particular guitar before you buy it. It’s one thing to learn about all the specs of a certain guitar model. However, it’s quite another thing when you go to a store, and play a few tunes using the guitar to select the right guitar for your needs.It’s also advisable to try out multiple models. After doing your research you might find out that a few different models would be best for your music-playing.

4. Buy an amp with an electric guitar

This is highly advisable to improve the value of your guitar playing. However, if you buy a bad amp it can cause your guitar to sound bad, and that’s probably a situation you’ll want to avoid. You should also remember to buy picks, a tuner, case, and extra strings.

Be Artistic and Stand Out in School: A Lesson to Learn for Aspiring Politicians

If you aspire to be a politician, then it is a must for you to stand out. You can never succeed in politics unless you know how to get the votes and sympathy of your constituents. Thus, as early as possible, you have to know how to stand out. The school is the perfect training ground for you.

kids doing finger paintingStanding out may take different forms. There are those who excel in academics. Some others do really well in sports. There are also those who stand out because of their physical features. These people reach greater heights because of the skills they possess or something that they are born with. A lot of people look up to them. Well, if you are in any school, you can only hope to be just like them. However, you don’t have to be one of them. All you have to do is to find ways in which you can stand out by highlighting what you do best.

Showing your creative side

When you are the artistic type of person, you just have to show it to the world and express it in ways that you are most comfortable with. When we say artistic, you don’t have to be the type who can draw paintings or make grand sculptures. Creativity and artistry can be shown in many different ways. All you have to do is to make sure that you are comfortable with what you are doing and you are happy doing it.

Be uniquely fashionable

This is the first way for you to show your artistic side. You don’t have to be trendy to be fashionable. You also don’t have to follow icons. You just have to make sure that you are unique and you can find ways to make other people see it. For instance, if you are the type who loves to play with colors and match them through your outfit, then go for it. Anything that makes you feel happy and you feel like the world is looking at you, then go for it. However, you have to make sure that your goal here is to feel good about yourself.

Try something different every time

school packYou should always strive to be versatile and flexible. This can be through the skills that you show or even simply on the items that you bring in school. For instance, you can play with your hairstyle and not just stick to hairstyle every time.

The same thing is true with the bags you bring to school. If you feel so girly today, then bring a shoulder bag. You can even play with very feminine colors to achieve your goal. However, there are days when you want to look rough and feel rough. This is when you can use a nice bug out bag. If you want to know more about a the best bug out bag, visit http://packitinpackitout.com/best-bug-out-bag/. With this kind of bag, people will look at you and be totally impressed. This seems weird, but if you can pull it off really well, then there is nothing wrong with it. Besides, you want to use this type of bag for its quality and usefulness. If you have a lot to bring at school, then this bag really works for you.

Essential Lessons to Prepare for Politics

You might think that the idea of standing out in school is weird and crazy. However, the truth is that you can actually learn a lot from it if you wish to do well in politics. Take note that when it comes to politics it is all about standing out. You need to highlight your best qualities and find ways to make people see it. This is the only way for you to get as many votes as possible. If you remain shy and you just want to be left alone because you don’t feel you are good enough, then your future in politics is bleak.

Yes, politicians speak with eloquence and convincing power. If you think you are not like them for now, you have nothing to worry. You just have to find your inner self first and be comfortable of your own skin. When you find something that really makes you stand out, then it is easier for you to do anything that a politician does. In fact, even those who are big in politics right now are nobody in school before. However, when they finally found who they are and what they do best, then they became a big name in politics.

Origins of Dispute in American Politics

Leaders everywhere look at American politics with prestige. But you should know that even America is facing difficult issues that are not yet resolved by political leaders today. Giving solution to these conflicts will somehow prove that Politics in America is different among others.

Economy has been the most complicated issue of the U.S. Debt is growing but the congress and the president is doing nothing about it. There have been talks about tax reform but nothing is still resolved. With increase of debt ceiling, job creation is at risk. This can extremely affect the completion of budget. The government should take action on how to address this problem.

While economy is continuing to drop, immigration is becoming a serious issue. This has specifically involved Latino community. They’re not just visitors joining road races and looking for the best running shoes for flat feet. Immigration issue has been stirring up debates about delays in visa, requirements and law enforcement on visas available. Policy makers must make up their minds and should give this matter an absolute solution.

US shootouts everywhere only prove that gun control is a major issue as well. The congress and the president should tackle of gun violence before it goes out of hand. Without progress in resolving this problem, lives of innocents are still at stake. How much violence does the government needs before acting out?

Adding to these numbers of problems is the issue on healthcare. Some are still hesitant but Obamacare is created to stay longer. Political leaders and even the president only need to resolve provisions on this matter to successfully implement it. People won’t be complaining if improvements in healthcare will be hastened.

Further, same sex marriage is also one of the issues that the congress needs to respond. While some states are about to legalize same sex marriages, other states already legalized the use of marijuana. Policy makers need to review federal law and analyze the result.

Certainly, the government needs to resolve these issues before they become serious problems. There’s a thin line between analyzing and taking action.  The congress and the president need to take action now.

US Congress: Why People Hate It So Much

It’s sad to say that the American public has zero trust for their lawmakers. But you can’t blame them since there are lots of political issues that are unsolved until now. But to top it all here are the reason why the public hate the Congress so much.

It’s Too Big With Too Little Accomplishments

House of representatives are composed of 345 members but none of them accomplish much for the country. It’s even hard to recall one of them after the election. The Congress needs to create programs for the people to gain their trust.

Nothing is Done For The Common Good

Government shutdowns are always happening every two years because the Congress is not doing anything to control the countries spending. It only means that government shutdowns are frequent than electing lawmakers. People become the casualties of these shutdowns, that’s why their interest in electing house representatives have reduced for the past years.

It’s Overpaid

The people contest that giving $174,00 per year to policy makers is a way too much. They believe that Congress who are mostly millionaires on their own should only get a salary of $50,00 – $100,000 per year. It’s overspending especially if they’ve done little for the country’s development. The public thinks that paying for the best ice cream maker is more beneficial than paying for these useless lawmakers.

They’re Not Working The Whole Time

The Congress has 137 legislative days but it seems that they’ve accomplish nothing, talk about nothing and spend time for nothing. It’s the most disappointing part to the voting public. Improvement is slow because legislators are becoming career politicians. Working for the people is not the most important thing for them. They’re more concerned on the next party they will attend or the next restaurant they will visit. Politics is bad as a whole but electing a career politician is like a suicide.

They’re Not Good Responders

You can only hope for the best when you write complains address to Congress but it’s disappointing to get zero response. Instead of giving an immediate action, lawmakers are giving you this response letter with no substance at all. It only shows that they’re incompetent.

Problems That Need Serious Attention From American Leaders

Political leaders from around the globe see American leaders as strong and powerful individuals. Other policy makers see them as models in running a country or a state. But you should know that American politics, just like other countries, is not as perfect as it may seem. The U.S.A is facing lots of problems today in the community that needs severe consideration.

Others see Obama as their number 1 problem because of overspending and other socialistic policies. But you can never blame him for Bush’s screw ups. Here are some struggles that the USA is facing right now.

Education System – It’s obvious that Americans don’t have enough knowledge on culture. This causes grave racism in the country. If the government will only provide the right information, there will a reduction on racism. People need education to increase the level of common sense.

Respect for Other Countries – Watching American T.V. shows and films will make you realize that they portray other countries negatively. You can see that they think highly of themselves in and left no respect for other culture and religion.

No Respect for Elders – It’s true that kids from the U.S.A don’t have respect for older people. This is not only a problem of the government but the problem with parents. Maybe they need more parenting seminars and workshops to uphold good conduct.

Media Frenzy – Reality T.V shows are ruling every channel in the U.S. These shows like dancing with the stars, America’s next top model, real housewives are dumbing the people. Focus on real problems like overspending, racism, dependency is more important than watching these reality T.V. shows. Don’t be fooled by the nonsense talk and wrong information given by the media.

Substance or Drug Abuse – It’s a shame that problem with drugs is taking over America. Honestly, this problem should be given a permanent solution. Government should build more inpatient drug rehab. Policy makers must become serious in eradicating this problem. They should focus more on specific solutions in addition to inpatient drug rehab.

Corruption – Others may not see it but corruption has been the number one problem not only with the U.S.A but for other countries as well.