Top 8 States with the Minimum Wage in the United States

The United States is a centralized statutory nation, wherein the President (the mind or leader of the government and state), Council/Congress, and the courts share powers booked to the national government, and the federal government shares power to the state government. There are major distinctions between the governmental structure of America and that of the majority of other advanced democracies. In the United States employees are normally authorized to be paid not less than the legal minimum wage. From July 2009, the national government assigns a general minimum wage amounting to $7.25 per hour, as some municipalities and states have established minimum wage higher than the national level, with the record state minimum wage amounting to $9.32 per hour since January 1, 2014 in Washington.

States with the Highest Minimum Wage

Washington Washington has the highest minimum wage of $9.19 per hour. Lately, state officers accredited a poll agreeing to Proposition 1, the vote measure to apply a $15 wage in the municipality of SeaTac. The new directive, if permitted, will affect approximately 6,000 hotel and airport workers in SeaTac, Washington.

OregonRegardless of $8.95 as the second highest minimum wage in the state, take-home earnings in Oregon may be insufficient for many state natives.

VermontIn Vermont, the minimum wage is $8.60 and is the third highest in the state. Although a usual Vermont family income was higher than in nearly all states last year, take-home pay does not go so far. The state’s food and fuel prices are as well as highest in the country.

ConnecticutIn May, the Connecticut government has submitted a bill to raise the state’s minimum wage to $9 per hour in 2015. In spite of this, Connecticut was yet one of the most pricey states in the country to live.

IllinoisIn general, it is economical to live in Illinois than other states. It’s minimum wage is $8.25 and is the highest in the Midwest, same as with Connecticut and Nevada.

NevadaEmployees in Nevada must whichever be paid $8.25 per hour, or the federal minimum wage of $ 7.25 per hour if they obtain health benefits.

California$8 per hour is the minimum wage in California and is the same with Massachusetts as the seventh highest in the state. This should adjust, as Caifornia’s government have lately granted plans to raise the state’s minimum wage to $9 per hour next year and $10 by 2016, greater than any other state.

MassachusettsThe minimum wage in Massachusetts which is $8.00 has not changed since 2008. The cost of living is really low.

Conclusions on Pros and Cons of Minimum Wage

Pro: Gives incentive

The minimum wage makes certain that low-skilled workers will be paid an assured minimum and helps them to look for jobs and provide for themselves.

Con: Decelerates job growth

The assured minimum wage can signify an expense that a little company or business may not be able to provide. In that case, small companies or businesses will try to gain more production from current staff instead of paying minimum wage to new workers.

Pro: Presents job protection and safety

In a weak economy, employees with minimum wage jobs help because they manage to be at the lower end of the pay measure. Part-time employees having minimum wage could be granted full-time work to help save an employer the price of training and hiring new employees.

Con: Minimum wage is applied unpredictably

Unpredictable laws of minimum wage throughout the state can keep some employees live below the poverty line as other employees are able to provide for themselves.