Who Can Ordinary Plumbers and Middle Class Workers Really Trust to be President?

This presidential election has become one of the nastiest in recent history. It has usually gone out of the focus from issues to personality. With the rise of recent scandals, the focus has gone out of important issues especially for middle class Americans. Both candidates claim to be champions of the middle class. Who among them truly represent what is best for the American people? Who can provide the best for ordinary plumbers, artists, construction workers and waiters?

Donald Trump has made himself more popular by naming himself as the champion of the working class. He has kept promising that he will bring back to the United States. He said that the problem is that it is too easy for jobs to flow out of the US and for illegal immigrants to come inside the country. Though he has promised these reforms, he has also made use of them to his advantage while running his business. He has also mentioned about cutting taxes and not raising them at all. He said this by coupling it with the reduction of taxes for businesses, which as Hillary said it- a trumped up, trickled down economics.

On the other hand, Hillary has promised that she will increase minimum wages, advocate equal pay for equal work, health and maternity leave and free college tuition. She has also presented how she will make this happen. According to her, she will tax the wealthy even more and keep the middle class working. She has promised the biggest infrastructure investment since World War II. She has also made it clear that she will not tax the poor people.

The reality

Although both of them promise to provide for the needs of the middle class, only Hillary has presented how she can make it happen. When pressed about the details of his policy, Trump has not presented any. He only kept saying people to believe him and what he says about his platforms. He also said that he will make good negotiations and trade deals without going into the specifics of his policies. His popularity is anchored upon the idea that he will most likely do the things expected of him to do once his is in office.

Think of your future

If you are an ordinary plumber, this makes you think again. Do you really want to entrust the future of your country to a disgusting man who has kept promising a lot of things without any way of making them a reality or would you rather have an experienced woman do the job? This election has become really nasty, but at the end of the day, the choice is pretty clear.

If you work as a plumber Athelstone, then you need to vote for someone whom you think will stand up for you, your rights and that of your children. At this point, everything should have been pretty clear. You just can’t place everything on the tiny hands of a man whose promises are empty.


Be Artistic and Stand Out in School: A Lesson to Learn for Aspiring Politicians

If you aspire to be a politician, then it is a must for you to stand out. You can never succeed in politics unless you know how to get the votes and sympathy of your constituents. Thus, as early as possible, you have to know how to stand out. The school is the perfect training ground for you.

kids doing finger paintingStanding out may take different forms. There are those who excel in academics. Some others do really well in sports. There are also those who stand out because of their physical features. These people reach greater heights because of the skills they possess or something that they are born with. A lot of people look up to them. Well, if you are in any school, you can only hope to be just like them. However, you don’t have to be one of them. All you have to do is to find ways in which you can stand out by highlighting what you do best.

Showing your creative side

When you are the artistic type of person, you just have to show it to the world and express it in ways that you are most comfortable with. When we say artistic, you don’t have to be the type who can draw paintings or make grand sculptures. Creativity and artistry can be shown in many different ways. All you have to do is to make sure that you are comfortable with what you are doing and you are happy doing it.

Be uniquely fashionable

This is the first way for you to show your artistic side. You don’t have to be trendy to be fashionable. You also don’t have to follow icons. You just have to make sure that you are unique and you can find ways to make other people see it. For instance, if you are the type who loves to play with colors and match them through your outfit, then go for it. Anything that makes you feel happy and you feel like the world is looking at you, then go for it. However, you have to make sure that your goal here is to feel good about yourself.

Try something different every time

school packYou should always strive to be versatile and flexible. This can be through the skills that you show or even simply on the items that you bring in school. For instance, you can play with your hairstyle and not just stick to hairstyle every time.

The same thing is true with the bags you bring to school. If you feel so girly today, then bring a shoulder bag. You can even play with very feminine colors to achieve your goal. However, there are days when you want to look rough and feel rough. This is when you can use a nice bug out bag. If you want to know more about a the best bug out bag, visit http://packitinpackitout.com/best-bug-out-bag/. With this kind of bag, people will look at you and be totally impressed. This seems weird, but if you can pull it off really well, then there is nothing wrong with it. Besides, you want to use this type of bag for its quality and usefulness. If you have a lot to bring at school, then this bag really works for you.

Essential Lessons to Prepare for Politics

You might think that the idea of standing out in school is weird and crazy. However, the truth is that you can actually learn a lot from it if you wish to do well in politics. Take note that when it comes to politics it is all about standing out. You need to highlight your best qualities and find ways to make people see it. This is the only way for you to get as many votes as possible. If you remain shy and you just want to be left alone because you don’t feel you are good enough, then your future in politics is bleak.

Yes, politicians speak with eloquence and convincing power. If you think you are not like them for now, you have nothing to worry. You just have to find your inner self first and be comfortable of your own skin. When you find something that really makes you stand out, then it is easier for you to do anything that a politician does. In fact, even those who are big in politics right now are nobody in school before. However, when they finally found who they are and what they do best, then they became a big name in politics.

Help for Single Mothers

In a recent community study made by The New York Times, a connection between the rate of increase in single parents and society’s growing inequality of income was noticed. Single parents are on the rise, and based on statistics, there are more single mothers than fathers. With every addition to the number, financial burdens rise which naturally affects the economy.

Single mothers who were unable to attain college degrees find it very hard to make ends meet. Most depend on food stamps, coupons and vouchers, donations. Those who are able to work settle with low wages, since time is a big pressure; the single mom catches the immediately available work position she can get.

There are existing efforts on a local and national level to support these single parents but many openly voice out that in stead of more efforts being put in, a number are even paring back allowances and supports which these single mothers and fathers depend greatly on.

Latest statistics reveal a big difference on birth situations. In the 1990’s, only about 20 percent have births outside of marriage. These days, the rate is up to 41%.  Many of the occurrences fall in the middle to low income generating parent/s. If the government is unable to grant needed support, then financial capacity will be on a downward trend, not just for the single parent but for the children born out of wedlock; they may very well assume the same financial struggle their single parent has been facing, when they grow up.

American politics seem to just dodge addressing this problem in a more serious and intentional manner. Don’t be surprised to find out that America is the only nation among the top 15 economically competitive countries which does not mandate paid sick leave nor does the US pay vacation time of employees. This doesn’t make it any easier for the single parent who will helplessly miss work if something happens at home that would need his or her presence.

While all this information may be sad to hear, the single mother can take heart. Government, Social, and Religious programs are still in place. Some form of help is available. Consult an organization nearby for inquiries. Check help for single mothers for information.

U.S Political Parties Should Work for the People

You always want your children to have a good education. Your body needs to be healthy. You strive to have a standard way of living. But everything doesn’t add up. Then you turn your back and see government officials living the good life. You blame politics for being a dirty game causing poverty, hunger, unemployment and all issues that connects to them.

Blaming the government leaders have been the natural effect of you not having the life you wanted, medical care you need, and the job opportunity you long to have. Thinking that you can’t even choose the best dog food brand because of scarcity of resources is upsetting. You face a lot of problems from education down to the food you eat on the table.

Looking for the best dog foods on the market is not your major problem in the midst of crisis. Then it leads you to think life is unfair and policy leaders is making it worse. You can say that U.S politics looks for better solutions to address these political issues fairly. But it’s not easy because even the battle between the two parties isn’t over yet.

President’s come and go. They’ve been the products of the liberal and conservative approach. The liberal where the current President of the U.S belongs is also called the Democrat Party. Obviously, the conservatives are called the Republicans. Their belief has been the number one argument during debates. Whether it helps the economy or not, thinking about the people should be their number one priority.

These two different views will affect the need of the people in the future. Liberals are pursuing policies, but thinking if it works or not is not their main concern. They’re into it because they believe that policy should govern the nation as one. It’s good for them and it makes them look nice in the eyes of the people. Conservatives on the other hand are pursuing policies because they’re hard-working and always in motion.

But no matter how hard they argue and present their ideals. It’s must always be for the good of the nation and the people living in it. These two parties play a big role for the advancement of every benefits that Americans will experience in their everyday life.

Obama meets Yatsenuk as Ukrainian crisis deepens

The crisis in Ukraine has gotten even deeper by the days. This is why the American government is already stepping in and finding out all possible measures to avoid the problem from escalating even more. The US is doing its best to ensure Russia’s cooperation ahead of the upcoming Crimea referendum. Their vote is very crucial and might trigger more problems in the future.

Last Wednesday, US President Obama met Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenuk. In this meeting, Obama hopes that their last diplomatic efforts would lead to Crimea rethinking its vote regarding the referendum on whether they should be a part of Russia or not. If the vote will be in favor of the referendum, the US vowed not to recognize any other referendum from that point onward. The US has also accused Russia that election in Crimea was done at “the barrel of a gun.”

On the other hand, Ukraine Prime Minister Yatsenuk said that they will never surrender. They will fight for their territory and will remain as a part of the Western world. As of the moment, Obama is trying its best to pressure and court Russia at the same time. In fact, Obama is planning to meet Russia’s foreign minister in London this Friday. The US government believes that they are certain ways that could be done to ensure Russia’s interest in the region. There are right choices available and not just the removal of Crimea from Ukraine. At the same time, the US has already warned Russia that they will not acknowledge the referendum should it push through. The G7 world leaders also have the same stance. They believe that any attempt of Russia to change the mind of the Crimean government would be a violation of international laws and would have no legal bearing. The European Council also expressed the same sentiment.

The decision of Crimean officials this Sunday would define where this issue will be in the next days.

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Top 8 States with the Minimum Wage in the United States

The United States is a centralized statutory nation, wherein the President (the mind or leader of the government and state), Council/Congress, and the courts share powers booked to the national government, and the federal government shares power to the state government. There are major distinctions between the governmental structure of America and that of the majority of other advanced democracies. In the United States employees are normally authorized to be paid not less than the legal minimum wage. From July 2009, the national government assigns a general minimum wage amounting to $7.25 per hour, as some municipalities and states have established minimum wage higher than the national level, with the record state minimum wage amounting to $9.32 per hour since January 1, 2014 in Washington.

States with the Highest Minimum Wage

Washington Washington has the highest minimum wage of $9.19 per hour. Lately, state officers accredited a poll agreeing to Proposition 1, the vote measure to apply a $15 wage in the municipality of SeaTac. The new directive, if permitted, will affect approximately 6,000 hotel and airport workers in SeaTac, Washington.

OregonRegardless of $8.95 as the second highest minimum wage in the state, take-home earnings in Oregon may be insufficient for many state natives.

VermontIn Vermont, the minimum wage is $8.60 and is the third highest in the state. Although a usual Vermont family income was higher than in nearly all states last year, take-home pay does not go so far. The state’s food and fuel prices are as well as highest in the country.

ConnecticutIn May, the Connecticut government has submitted a bill to raise the state’s minimum wage to $9 per hour in 2015. In spite of this, Connecticut was yet one of the most pricey states in the country to live.

IllinoisIn general, it is economical to live in Illinois than other states. It’s minimum wage is $8.25 and is the highest in the Midwest, same as with Connecticut and Nevada.

NevadaEmployees in Nevada must whichever be paid $8.25 per hour, or the federal minimum wage of $ 7.25 per hour if they obtain health benefits.

California$8 per hour is the minimum wage in California and is the same with Massachusetts as the seventh highest in the state. This should adjust, as Caifornia’s government have lately granted plans to raise the state’s minimum wage to $9 per hour next year and $10 by 2016, greater than any other state.

MassachusettsThe minimum wage in Massachusetts which is $8.00 has not changed since 2008. The cost of living is really low.

Conclusions on Pros and Cons of Minimum Wage

Pro: Gives incentive

The minimum wage makes certain that low-skilled workers will be paid an assured minimum and helps them to look for jobs and provide for themselves.

Con: Decelerates job growth

The assured minimum wage can signify an expense that a little company or business may not be able to provide. In that case, small companies or businesses will try to gain more production from current staff instead of paying minimum wage to new workers.

Pro: Presents job protection and safety

In a weak economy, employees with minimum wage jobs help because they manage to be at the lower end of the pay measure. Part-time employees having minimum wage could be granted full-time work to help save an employer the price of training and hiring new employees.

Con: Minimum wage is applied unpredictably

Unpredictable laws of minimum wage throughout the state can keep some employees live below the poverty line as other employees are able to provide for themselves.