Even Musicians are Now Standing Up Against the Politics of Trump

Musicians were not supposed to mix entertainment with politics. Although several songs were created related to politics in the past, they were not necessarily used in a big stage like the awards ceremonies. Times have changed though, especially with the current situation in American politics.

Musicians have started using their voices to collectively fight hatred, bigotry and racism under the Trump administration. Throughout the awards season this year, several musicians did not have second thoughts in expressing their hatred towards the current administration.

The loud statements during the Grammys

The Grammys is usually meant for musicians to have fun and celebrate music in general. Usually, the biggest hits of the previous year are played during the awards night. This year’s Grammys was turned into a mini political rally. Throughout the night, musicians have rebuked Trump and all his policies.

They have highlighted his immigration executive order banning people from 7 Muslim majority countries from entering the United States. Some performances were really targeted towards Trump. A Tribe Called Quest with Busta Rhymes even took the stage for a performance where they have called Trump President Agent Orange.

Other performers have also expressed their anger using their speech. Even celebrities who were in attendance that night have also used the stage to further their causes. Laverne Cox for instance asked people to be more supportive of Javin Grimm who will head to the Supreme Court for the hearing of the controversial bathroom bill.

There were also statements against the Dakota Access Pipeline and in support of Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

Trump has united the musicians

Not only did these musicians express their sentiment against Trump during the Grammys. Even Katy Perry who was invited to perform at the Brit Music Awards also became political with her performance. During the Grammys, she also wore a band that says PERSIST in support of Sen. Elizabeth Warren who was shut up during the confirmation hearing of Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

The general sentiment is that Trump is a bad president and the American people have to resist. There was never a statement as loud as this in the history of music. Let’s not even begin to talk about the acting awards ceremonies, where some celebrities were even louder in using the stage to rebuke Trump.

Let your voice be heard

It is indeed special to be a musician where you can use the platform to create changes in the society. You may not be among the big stars right now, but you can be performing in a big stage soon. Just keep working hard to achieve your dreams. A lot of other artists who have performed in Grammys and other big stages have also started in a small stage before.

Due to their hard work and patience, they have gradually made their way to the top. Start by joining cover bands Adelaide. Constantly practice with other people and be open for criticisms. This is how you become somebody in the music industry.