Garbage Disposal Issues are Now Becoming More of a Political Problem

In various parts of the world, garbage disposal has always been a big issue. Every day, tons of waste materials are being disposed. However, according to some researchers, the problem of garbage disposal is no longer just an issue of the lack of disposal technology, but a political issue already.

According to William Rathje, the head of the research project on garbage at the University of Arizona, new technology is already in place to help ease out the problem of garbage disposal. The said technology reduces the huge amount of garbage for disposal. With the right amount of financial incentives, there would be tons of garbage more that will be reduced.

However, without the right political willpower, any of the technology available will be left unused. The people are also not given the right incentives should they follow the right regulations for garbage disposal. Landfills are also not given the right budget for proper maintenance. In fact, in New Jersey, the number of landfills significantly reduced from 331 to just 13. The other waste materials are now being disposed to other states. Other states have started turning to incinerators for garbage disposal even if they have obvious environmental consequences. This is due to the lack of funding as well as proper places for garbage disposal.

There are also no strong laws in various states to control huge companies from producing huge amounts of waste materials. Even if there are some violations, there were no serious consequences on their actions. The reduced area for landfills in exchange of commercial and residential establishments has also become major reasons for the increase in garbage disposal problems.

Do Your Part

If you can’t wait for the government to make necessary actions, then just do your share. Dispose your waste properly at home and in the office. You can also go for dumpster rental MN since they have a better way of garbage disposal at an affordable cost. There are also different dumpster sizes available depending on your needs. Just contact the right company who will deal with the problem without necessarily paying a lot for their services.