Obama meets Yatsenuk as Ukrainian crisis deepens

The crisis in Ukraine has gotten even deeper by the days. This is why the American government is already stepping in and finding out all possible measures to avoid the problem from escalating even more. The US is doing its best to ensure Russia’s cooperation ahead of the upcoming Crimea referendum. Their vote is very crucial and might trigger more problems in the future.

Last Wednesday, US President Obama met Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenuk. In this meeting, Obama hopes that their last diplomatic efforts would lead to Crimea rethinking its vote regarding the referendum on whether they should be a part of Russia or not. If the vote will be in favor of the referendum, the US vowed not to recognize any other referendum from that point onward. The US has also accused Russia that election in Crimea was done at “the barrel of a gun.”

On the other hand, Ukraine Prime Minister Yatsenuk said that they will never surrender. They will fight for their territory and will remain as a part of the Western world. As of the moment, Obama is trying its best to pressure and court Russia at the same time. In fact, Obama is planning to meet Russia’s foreign minister in London this Friday. The US government believes that they are certain ways that could be done to ensure Russia’s interest in the region. There are right choices available and not just the removal of Crimea from Ukraine. At the same time, the US has already warned Russia that they will not acknowledge the referendum should it push through. The G7 world leaders also have the same stance. They believe that any attempt of Russia to change the mind of the Crimean government would be a violation of international laws and would have no legal bearing. The European Council also expressed the same sentiment.

The decision of Crimean officials this Sunday would define where this issue will be in the next days.

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