U.S Political Parties Should Work for the People

You always want your children to have a good education. Your body needs to be healthy. You strive to have a standard way of living. But everything doesn’t add up. Then you turn your back and see government officials living the good life. You blame politics for being a dirty game causing poverty, hunger, unemployment and all issues that connects to them.

Blaming the government leaders have been the natural effect of you not having the life you wanted, medical care you need, and the job opportunity you long to have. Thinking that you can’t even choose the best dog food brand because of scarcity of resources is upsetting. You face a lot of problems from education down to the food you eat on the table.

Looking for the best dog foods on the market is not your major problem in the midst of crisis. Then it leads you to think life is unfair and policy leaders is making it worse. You can say that U.S politics looks for better solutions to address these political issues fairly. But it’s not easy because even the battle between the two parties isn’t over yet.

President’s come and go. They’ve been the products of the liberal and conservative approach. The liberal where the current President of the U.S belongs is also called the Democrat Party. Obviously, the conservatives are called the Republicans. Their belief has been the number one argument during debates. Whether it helps the economy or not, thinking about the people should be their number one priority.

These two different views will affect the need of the people in the future. Liberals are pursuing policies, but thinking if it works or not is not their main concern. They’re into it because they believe that policy should govern the nation as one. It’s good for them and it makes them look nice in the eyes of the people. Conservatives on the other hand are pursuing policies because they’re hard-working and always in motion.

But no matter how hard they argue and present their ideals. It’s must always be for the good of the nation and the people living in it. These two parties play a big role for the advancement of every benefits that Americans will experience in their everyday life.